Arum's Easy Alibi If Margarito Shocks Pacquiao: I Got Pass From Trampler

One of factors that I learned from speaking to BALCO founder Victor Conte, is that it's easy to cheat WADA's random or "Olympic Style Blood Testing", and that one more no test to get "fool proof" knowning that the only strategy to truly ensure a fighter is 'clean' is to have "24/7-365-day testing". I have attached parts of my interview with Conte on this site where he discusses ways on how athletes cheat blood testing even hours prior to being tested. From blood transfusions, re-infusing your red blood cells, masking agents. whole good nine yards!

Harold Lederman Ready For Pacquiao


Everyone and their mother wants Manny Pacquiao. So why? Because he is "The Man" currently. He will guarantee his opponent a huge payday plus a shot at the pound for pound twin.

A month or so ago, Floyd Jr. demanded $100 million dollars to fight Manny. With half of those already guaranteed, I'm positive why Floyd would not accept the sale other compared to a lack of desire to fight Manny. Extra PPV revenue, and what about a few other concessions, Floyd Jr. gets close to his $100 million intent.

Paul Williams - After edging Antonio Margarito on your welterweight title, Williams was chased from the division from a shortage of willing opponents. Since, he captured an interim 154 lb title and whitewashed Winky Wright at middleweight.

Haye and also the Klitschkos experienced bad blood between them since 2009 when Haye was originally set to deal with Wladimir. Haye wore a shirt in order to some press conference that depicted the Klitschkos with decapitated heads. This infuriated the brothers uncovered been out to fight Haye since you must.

Pacquiao tend to be making his return to action following your devastating knockout he suffered in December at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez. Later loss, many believed Pacquiao was tried.

Is having three fighters tied for that top ranking in massive a copout? Maybe the. but until this mess gets dealt with there's no clear hierarchy. Pacquiao has the buzz as well as the attention, but my eyes saw Marquez beat him in their last expertise. Mayweather was the incumbent, but his hiatus leaves Pacquiao Foundation his status doubtful. Taking Mayweather vs. Marquez and Pacquiao vs. Cotto and turning it into a tournament with details facing each other is of having to resolve this jumble.

Absentee Members: Rafael Marquez and Israel Vazquez - Marquez has only been inside the ring only once since no more their trilogy, and Vazquez hasn't a new fight any kind of.

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